On The Road Again…….

In reality, I’m on a plane heading to France. Had to take a little break but I will soon be posting a lot of conversations with chefs all over the world that I have had in the last few months. I am excited to revisit old friends like Alain Llorca, Mauro Colagreco, meet Sophie Pic, Michel Troisgros, and catch up again with David Toutain and other friends in Paris. It’s always exhilarating to be back in Paris even though I was there just a few months ago and the magic of Monaco and the Côte d’Azur is undeniable.

My article on Los Angeles restaurants is in this month’s Swedish Gourmet. An early morning TV broadcast in the middle of a field resulted in a little health setback but all is well now. Living under the shadow of cancer is a little difficult at times. A few days ago at a French Masters dinner I met Wiley Dufresne who I had not seen for a while as well as Inaki Aizpitarte of Chateaubriand, David Toutain, Sven Chartier from Paris, and Dominique Crenn from San Fransisco who was hamming for the cameras at the kitchen stadium. They were in town for chef Ludo Lefebre’s All Star Chef event in Los Angeles.

I am now going to catch up on writing my conversations, travel stories, and enjoying some wonderful cuisine.

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  1. kentiong says:

    Best wishes for your health! Hope you get better.

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