My Report on Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2015

The San Pellegrino sponsored Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants were revealed in the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso museum of arts and culture of Mexico City last night. The ceremonies began at a leisurely pace as guests arrived at the site braving the city’s infamous traffic. As guests mingled sipping cocktails and Veuve Clicquot champagne behind the smiles, abrazos, and besos, there was an undercurrent of anticipation and nervousness. In this annual musical chairs-like game there was a shuffling of the names in the top ten including a few real surprises. There is lot is at stake these days with the placement on these lists which besides turning the chefs into overnight international celebrities have a huge impact on the restaurant’s business and reservations.

As expected Central in Lima, Peru held on to the top spot and for the second year in a row Virgilio Martinez of Peru took the top honors. Rodolfo Guzman’s Borago in Santiago, Chile took the second spot rising up from the 5th in 2014. Gaston Acurio’s Astrid y Gaston dropped to the third followed by Alex Atala’s D.O.M in São Paulo to the fourth. Peru and Mexico both scored with three restaurants each in the top ten. Argentina was an oft repeated name, and by the end of the evening it had ten restaurants in the top 50. The sprightly Enrique Olvera of Mexico received the Diners Club Lifetime Achievement Award to thunderous applause though Pujol dropped down to the 9th place this year. Rodolfo Guzman also won the Chef’s Choice award while the best Pastry Chef award went to Astrid Gutsche of Astrid y Gaston and wife of acclaimed chef Gaston Acurio. As the evening wound down guests and winners with their trophies in hand went off to the after parties all over town. The countdown to next year’s awards has now officially begun!

The entire list of the top 50 Latin American restaurants:

  1. Central Lima, Peru
    2. Boragó Santiago, Chile
    3. Astrid y Gastón Lima, Peru
    4. D.O.M. São Paulo, Brazil
    5. Maido Lima, Peru
    6. Quintonil Mexico City, Mexico
    7. Tegui Buenos Aires, Argentina
    8. Maní São Paulo, Brazil
    9. Pujol Mexico City, Mexico
    10. Biko Mexico City, Mexico
    11. Parador La Huella José Ignacio, Uruguay
    12. La Mar Lima, Peru
    13. Pangea Monterrey, Mexico
    14. Roberta Sudbrack Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    15. El Baqueano Buenos Aires, Argentina
    16. Lasai, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    17. Gustu La Paz, Bolivia
    18. Criterión Bogotá, Colombia
    19. La Cabrera Buenos Aires, Argentina
    20. Malabar Lima, Peru
    21. Chila Buenos Aires, Argentina
    22. Amaranta Toluca, Mexico
    23. Olympe Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    24. Harry Sasson Bogotá, Colombia
    25. Osaka Santiago, Chile
    26. Epice São Paulo, Brazil
    27. Sud 777 Mexico City, Mexico
    28. Aramburu Buenos Aires, Argentina
    29. Alto, Caracas, Venezuela
    30. El Cielo Bogotá, Colombia
    31. Fiesta Lima, Peru
    32. Ambrosía Santiago, Chile
    33. Leo Cocina y Cava Bogotá, Colombia
    34. Osso Carnicería y Salumeria Lima, Peru (new)
    35. Mocotó São Paulo, Brazil
    36. La Picantería Lima, Peru
    37. Elena Buenos Aires, Argentina
    38. Remanso Do Bosque Belém, Brazil
    39. Oviedo Buenos Aires, Argentina
    40. La Bourgogne Punta del Este, Uruguay
    41. Maximo Bistrot, Mexico City (new)
    42. Andrés Carne de Res Chia, Columbia (new)
    43. Restó, Buenos Aires, Argentina (new)
    44. Rosetta, Mexico City
    45. Don Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina (new)
    46. 99, Santiago, Chile (new)
    47. Nicos, Mexico City (new)
    48. Tarquino Buenos Aires, Argentina
    49. Dulce Patria, Mexico City (new)
    50. Rafael Lima, Peru


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